Targeted Advertising and Our Exciting Future

Only some 10 years ago all we had what is known now as interruption advertising — pizza and shampoo ads in between your favorite TV programs, ads on radio and huge billboards placed in hopes that someone will notice their message. That was, of course, better than nothing, but at the same time, it was incredibly expensive and not very effective. When I am driving on a highway, I don’t typically have mental focus to read billboards and even if I do, their message is not necessarily relevant to my life. The result was outrageous advertising costs and not so much revenue. Only Fortune 500 type of companies could afford interruption advertising, which was really more about branding rather than result- (read profit) oriented campaigns.

In the year 2018, even Fortune 500 companies advertise differently. With the power of keyword targeting, we are able to know users’ intent on many/most instances. This drives much better profits at much lesser cost. These days businesses have a luxury to focus more on their bottom line rather than some abstract branding.

Things can get as precise as you want them and examples are many: You could, for example, target a searcher who is looking to buy specifically pink polka dot socks or a heart-broken millennial who is trying to figure out how to get over someone. You could deliver food, rent apartments, offer private tutoring to those who are specifically searching for it for just a couple of dollars per click or even less. You could engage your future customers’ emotions and take things to the next level. The possibilities are overwhelming! Even better, you don’t have to be limited to people in your area; almost any product can be potentially sold worldwide.

The future of online marketing and advertising seems even brighter now that more and more of so-called second- an third- tier countries begin to develop a habit of buying things online, which potentially gives us exposure to billions of new customers in the coming years. Great time to be in marketing, indeed!