Three Steps to Optimizing Your Adwords CPC

Adwords is not what it used to be, or so they say. Back in the day, Adwords was an excellent way to promote your website or product; it was cheap, convenient and, most importantly, immediate. It offered an instant feedback on your advertising campaign. It was great!

But as time went by, more and more advertisers became aware of the power of Adwords and jumped on Adwords board so that not to miss all the opportunities out there. This lead to stiff competition and skyrocketing prices per click.
Many abandoned the platform for the sake of cheaper and, typically, less effective advertising mediums, such as Facebook, Outbrain and other forms of native advertising.

Not everyone left, however. It’s March 2018 and Adwords is still alive and well. Yes, the prices rose, but there is no shortage of sophisticated users who learned the ropes and are still killing it with Adwords. Thanks to the power of user intent, only Adwords can offer laser-targeted traffic that converts several times better than any other advertising medium.

Here are some steps you could take to optimize your campaign while lowering your CPC and maximizing your returns:

1. Bid on exact match and phrase match only.
Broad match will bring tons of irrelevant traffic and burn your money quickly. Broad match only makes sense when your goal is general brand awareness and not a specific action, such as purchase of your product. With exact match, however, you get less traffic but more control. With exact match keywords you know exactly what the user entered and have a pretty good idea what he or she is looking for.

Phrase match helps to get even more targeted traffic but allows for some interpretations. You need to be more careful with phrase match keywords by specifying negative keywords. Negative keywords could be something like “free” since people who are searching for free something obviously aren’t going to buy. Regularly revise your keyword report in your Adwords account to find any keywords that don’t make sense for your business and add them to negative keyword list. This is a continuous process!

2. Have one-keyword groups.
It doesn’t come naturally to new advertisers, but it really makes more sense to have only one exact or phrase match keyword in each campaign. This allows you to craft the ad text exactly for that keyword, earning you higher ad relevance scores and higher quality score overall. Higher quality score means lower CPC — exactly what we are looking for!

3. Narrow your location target.
When you don’t have tons of money to spend on Adwords, narrowing your geo target can become very handy. Try to figure out which locations converted for you best in the past and advertise only there. This will bring higher returns and possibly lower CPC due to less competition.

Happy bidding!